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In addition to travel cost grants, we provide accompanying guidelines, sample documents, and overviews. They serve as guidance and orientation, aiming to establish a solid knowledge foundation for grantees and other interested parties.

Regular information sessions, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions conducted by invited experts are held on various topics.

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Cross-sectoral Guidelines & Sample Documents

  • Info sheet Travel Expenses Reporting with transmissions GmbH

    Info sheet Travel Expenses Reporting with transmissions GmbH

    This information sheet serves as an introduction to the regulations of the Federal Travel Expenses Act (BRKG). It contains basic information on the correct accounting of travel expenses as well as examples of the calculation of (foreign) daily allowances etc.
    The information has been carefully researched and prepared. However, it is not legally binding and cannot replace professional legal advice.

    Info sheet Travel Expenses Reporting with transmissions GmbH

  • Green Mobility - 'Ecological Rider' by BFDK

    Green Mobility - 'Ecological Rider' by BFDK

    A checklist / suggestion for ecologically sustainable work that we can recommend as a guideline for all industries. 

    'If there is a 'Technical Rider' for stage productions, why not an 'Ecological Rider'? The BFDK ECO RIDER offers guidance for all those involved in theatre who are looking to start working sustainably. All areas of work are addressed and provided with practical steps, so that the BFDK ECO RIDER at the same time offers a basis for jointly agreeing, within the framework of a production or institution, which sustainable ways of working are already being used and which practical measures can also be implemented in the short and long term.

    Suggestions for ecologically sustainable work for performing artists, regional associations, theatres and festivals - on tour and @home by Franziska Pierwoss on behalf of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e. V. '(BFDK)'

    Further information on the ECO RIDER can be found here.

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'Touring artists, the information portal for internationally mobile artists and creatives, provides comprehensive information on topics such as visas and residence permits, artist status and contracts, transportation and customs, taxes, social security, other insurances, and copyright. As a joint project of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) Germany and the International Society of Fine Arts (IGBK), the initial focus was on the performing arts and visual arts sectors. However, since many questions and answers are relevant across different disciplines, and it has been observed that the portal is utilized by various actors in the cultural and creative industries, the information provided is continuously supplemented and expanded. In 2018/2019, in collaboration with the European Music Council, the portal was enriched with specific information tailored to the music sector.'

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GALA funding and resources guide –
Second edition (2020), On the Move, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture and the Institut français


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