[Translate to English:] Kreativ-Transfer ist das Folgeprogramm der „Exportförderung - Fokus Tanz“

Performing Arts

The aim of the Kreativ-Transfer funding programme is to support professionals in the fields of games, the performing arts and visual arts in establishing and expanding their international networks to improve their visibility on the international market. The programme supports the necessary international marketing and networking measures as well as the corresponding training and professionalisation of the stakeholders.

In the field of performing arts, the program "Kreativ-Transfer" offers artists and companies from the independent scene, as well as dance ensembles from city and state theaters, freelance producers, and managers the opportunity to apply for travel cost expenses for attending festivals and trade fairs, as well as funding for participation in group trips. This is intended to enable the recipients to communicate their artistic work, establish new contacts and strengthen existing ones, as well as expand their international network. Additionally, strategic projects for international marketing, networking, and professionalization can be supported.

The programme is supported by the German Dance Association (DTD) and cooperates with Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK) und dem Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V. (BUZZ).

Kreativ-Transfer Verteiler


Kreativ-Transfer supports participation in international fairs and festivals, enabling artists, creatives and their representatives to present their work, make new contacts and find co-producers and clients. In addition, the programme supports strategic projects for international marketing, networking and professionalisation.

Funding will be provided in the form of lump sum grants. Applicants may contribute their own funds or any third-party funds that do not stem from federal budgets. Funding up to certain maximum amounts (see below) may be requested, but only actual expenditure will be eligible for funding.

Applicants specify in their application for which events or strategic projects they are seeking funding. Applications for group trips are excluded. Events and strategic initiatives are considered eligible for funding if it can be demonstrated that certain goals, as defined in the respective calls for proposals, can be pursued.

Artists and companies from the independent scenebased in Germany in the fields of dance,theater, and contemporary circus, as well as dance ensembles from municipal and state theaters, are eligible to apply. As a general requirement, the company must have (1) premiered at least one production (digitally or physically) in the last four years (starting from January 2019) and (2) received public funding.

We explicitly invite all interested parties to submit an application – regardless of cultural and social background, gender, skin colour, physical and mental disabilities, age, religious affiliation, language, ideology and sexual orientation. Applications will be evaluated solely on the basis of professional merit.

Freelance producers, managers, distributors, agents, as well as representatives of independent production offices and non-commercial agencies in Germany who work in these roles full-time and can provide proof of their independent activity and primary residence in Germany are also eligible to apply. The application requires that the producer: (1) has been professionally active in the field for at least two years and (2) is currently engaged in independent work in Germany (constituting at least 50% of their income).

Current Open Calls will be published hier as well as on our Kreativ-Transfer Verteiler and will be communicated by our Programm-Partner, Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK) und Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.

Bisher durch Kreativ-Transfer Geförderte

Juni 2021 - Mai 2023


Reisekosten für die Teilnahme an Messen und Festivals.

  • Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm GbR
  • fabien prioville dance company
  • Dance On Ensemble
  • steptext dance project
  • kainkollektiv
  • Construction Company
  • Novoflot
  • performing:group
  • rope theatre
  • WallStreetTheatre
  • Herr Konrad
  • UliK Robotic Circus
  • Yolanda Morales_Choreografie
  • Die soziale Fiktion
  • Monica Garcia Vicente dance project
  • La Tanik
  • Still Hungry

    Strategische Vorhaben der internationalen Vermarktung, Vernetzung und Professionalisierung

  • Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm GbR
  • Renae Shadler
  • VAYA Art of Human Movement
  • 12H Dance
  • Lotte Mueller
  • Grotest Maru
  • Wort und Herzschlag


    Reisekosten für die Teilnahme an Messen und Festivals.

  • Dirk Förster
  • Carmen Mehnert-Havekost (Plan B - Creative Agency for Performing Arts)
  • Ute Classen
  • Mechtild Tellmann
  • Sophia Kurmann (Perform Your Art)
  • Felix Wittek
  • Yael Sherill (Curatorial Collective for Public Art)
  • Annette Biemer
  • Sofie Luckhardt
  • Tammo Walter

    Strategische Vorhaben der internationalen Vermarktung, Vernetzung und Professionalisierung

  • Yael Sherill (Curatorial Collective for Public Art)


    Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

  • Chris Iris
  • Jessica Nupen Contemporary Arts & Dance Theatre
  • Duo Mimikry
  • Maren Strack
  • Küppers & Konsorten
  • Fort Willy

    internationale tanzmesse nrw 2022

  • Miller / de' Nobili
  • Jasmine Ellis Projects gUG
  • Jonas Frey | One of us
  • 12H Dance
  • Luana Rossetti
  • Yoriko Maeno Tanztheater
  • Hyldra Collective
  • Pretty Playful Productions
  • Markus Wörl (woerlpool)

    CINARS Biennale 2022

  • Dance Company Nanine Linning
  • Renae Shadler & Collaborators
  • Still Hungry
  • Anna Anderegg
  • Dirk Förster (Creative Producer und Distributor)

    Pilotprojekt 2019 - Mai 2021

    Workshops, Info-Veranstaltungen und Get-together

    Begleitend zu der Reisekostenförderung werden Workshops, Info-Veranstaltungen und informelle Get-together angeboten, um eine professionelle Vor- und Nachbereitung und damit eine inspirierende und nachhaltige Teilnahme auf diesen Veranstaltungen zu unterstützen. Die Workshops, Info-Veranstaltungen und Get-together sollen vor allem an bestehende Veranstaltungen der Programm-Partner gekoppelt werden. Sie richten sich an die Geförderten sowie andere Interessierte und dienen dem Austausch von Know-how und Erfahrungen unter Kolleg*innen sowie der Wissensvermittlung durch geladene Expert*innen.

    Während dieser Veranstaltungen entstehen Handreichungen, Musterdokumente und Übersichten, die wir anschließend zur Verfügung stellen. Sie dienen als Hilfestellung und Orientierung, um eine fundierte Wissensgrundlage für Geförderte sowie andere Interessierte zu schaffen.