[Translate to English:] Kreativ-Transfer ist das Folgeprogramm der „Exportförderung - Fokus Tanz“

Performing Arts

The aim of the Kreativ-Transfer funding programme is to support professionals in the fields of games, the performing arts and visual arts in establishing and expanding their international networks to improve their visibility on the international market. The programme supports the necessary international marketing and networking measures as well as the corresponding training and professionalisation of the stakeholders.

In particular, Kreativ-Transfer supports participation in international fairs and festivals, enabling artists, creatives and their representatives to present their work, make new contacts and find co-producers and clients.

In the field of performing arts, the Kreativ-Transfer program offers both artists and companies from the independent scene, as well as dance ensembles from city and state theaters, freelance producers, and managers the opportunity to apply for travel cost support for attending festivals and art fairs, as well as funding for participating in prospection trips. This is intended to enable the recipients to communicate their artistic work, establish new contacts and strengthen existing ones, as well as expand their international network.

In addition, the programme supports strategic projects for international marketing, networking and professionalisation.

The programme is supported by the German Dance Association: Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD).

The funding program "Export Promotion - Focus Dance" was developed within the initiative InfoPlus, launched by the German Dance Association (DTD), an informal network consisting of producers, managers, and production managers in the field of performing arts.

Go to InfoPlus here.

In the field of performing arts the German Dance Association (DTD) cooperates with the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK) and the Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V. (BUZZ).

Kreativ-Transfer Newsletter


Kreativ-Transfer supports participation in international art fairs and festivals. Additionally, the program also supports, to a lesser extent, strategic projects for international marketing, networking, and professionalisation.

The funding is provided as lump sum grants, and no own or third-party funds need to be contributed. The funding can be requested up to certain maximum amounts, but only actually incurred costs are eligible for funding.

Applicants indicate in their application for which events or strategic project they are requesting funding. Applications for group trips are excluded. Events and strategic projects are considered generally eligible for funding if it can be demonstrated that specific goals, defined in the respective calls for applications, can be pursued.

Artists and companies from the independent scene with a registered office in Germany in the fields of dance, theater, and contemporary circus, as well as dance ensembles from city and state theaters, can apply. As a general requirement, the company must have (1) premiered at least one production (digital or physical) in the last four years (from January 2019) and (2) received public funding.

Freelance producers, managers, distributors, agents, as well as representatives of independent production offices and non-commercial agencies in Germany, who work in these roles full-time and can prove their self-employment and primary residence in Germany, are also eligible to apply. The prerequisites for the application are that the producer (1) has been professionally active in the field for at least two years and (2) is currently self-employed in Germany (earning at least 50% of their income from the profession).

Current Open Calls will be published here as well as through our Kreativ-Transfer Newsletter and our program partner, Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK) und Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V..

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Kreativ-Transfer III 2023-2025

Kreativ-Transfer II 2021-2023

Pilot Projekt Kreativ-Tranfer I 2019-2021

Workshops, info-events und Get-together

Accompanying the travel cost support, workshops, information sessions, and informal get-togethers are offered to support professional preparation and follow-up, thus promoting an inspiring and sustainable participation in these events. The workshops, information sessions, and get-togethers are primarily connected to existing events organized by the program partners. They are aimed at the supported individuals as well as other interested parties and serve as platforms for exchanging know-how and experiences among colleagues, as well as knowledge transfer through invited experts.

During these events, handouts, sample documents, and summaries are produced, which are subsequently made available. They serve as tools and references to provide a solid knowledge foundation for the supported individuals and other interested parties.