[Translate to English:] Mit der Initiative InfoPlus unterstützt der Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD) seit 2012 den Austausch zwischen freischaffenden Produzent*innen und Produktionsbüros sowie zwischen lokalen Netzwerken und Tanzbüros.

InfoPlus Initiative

Since 2012, the German Dance Association (DTD) has been supporting the exchange and networking between freelance producers and production offices, as well as between local networks and dance offices through the InfoPlus Initiative. For this purpose, the DTD invites participants to InfoPlus meetings several times a year, which serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences, developing joint (funding) concepts and position papers, and providing an informal networking platform among colleagues.

The InfoPlus producer meetings focus on the following topics, some of which are explored in working groups: self-perception/conception, role, and position of freelance producers, working relationship between producers and artists, fee calculation, support for producers and production offices, international networking, and more.

In addition, the DTD offers workshops with invited experts at irregular intervals, covering topics such as insurance, taxes, or sample contracts.

The project "Export Promotion - Focus Dance" (2016-2018) or "Kreativ-Transfer" (2019-May 2023) was developed within the InfoPlus producer circle. It supports freelance producers, among other things, in expanding and establishing their international network and enhancing the visibility of the artists they represent.

Since 2016, the DTD has also been organizing international InfoPlus producer meetings at irregular intervals, known as the International Meetings of Independent Performing Arts Producers.

In collaboration with the French producer network LAPAS, the German Dance Association (DTD) has been working on the initiative to establish an international producer network since the end of 2020.

The InfoPlus meetings are aimed at all freelance producers/managers/agents/representatives of production offices in the performing arts field who work professionally or aspire to do so. Emerging producers are just as welcome as seasoned professionals.

Upcoming events, including meetings, workshops, and international gatherings, can be found on the website of the German Dance Association.

Current Events - Meetings, Workshops, international Get-Togethers can be found on the Website of  Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.