Sample Contract for production managers with law firm Laaser

In collaboration with the law firm/office Laaser, the DTD (German Dance Association) has created a sample contract within the framework of the InfoPlus producer network and with the support of the Kreativ-Transfer program. This contract allows producers to regulate and document their collaboration with artists.

The purpose of the template contract is to provide a solid foundation for the working relationship between producers and artists. It serves as a guide, outlining the essential elements that should be included in a contract. The contract contains various customizable sections that can be adjusted by the contracting parties according to their specific needs.

We welcome feedback on the sample contract, and upon request, we can provide you with the Word files. Please contact j.gruenewald(at) (Jana Grünewald).

This contract has been drawn up as a model for the usual need for regulation in the area of production management in the independent performing arts scene. The model contract can be used by both contracting parties and regulates the relationship between production manager and client. The model contract was drawn up with the greatest care and in accordance with the legal regulations at the time of its completion in March 2021. However, no claim is made to completeness or accuracy. The information boxes are intended as an aid for the contracting parties so that the contract can be applied correctly in individual cases. However, it is expressly pointed out that the interests and needs of the parties may differ from this model contract. Both parties are encouraged to carefully examine the provisions before using the model contract and to seek legal advice in case of ambiguity. Liability for slight negligence is also excluded in principle. The model contract may not be passed on to third parties.