What can be funded?

The project grant is intended to enable professionals to increase their visibility on the international market, implement international marketing and acquisition measures and optimise their (digital) presence. In addition, the strategic project funding serves to advance education in the areas mentioned above. Its aim is to enable sustainable and effective measures to strengthen international presence and economic position in the long term.

Example of eligible expenses:

  • Your own fees (these may not exceed 80% of the funding requested)
  • Fees for advisors and coaches
  • Translation expenses (e.g., multilingual website, multilingual brochure, etc.)
  • Participation fees for seminars, workshops, expert talks and industry meetings such as TALKING GALLERIES or similar
  • Artists' social security contributions (KSA)
  • Expenses for the purchase of software, technology and equipment that are essential to the success of the strategic project (e.g., webcams, microphones, etc.)
  • Travel expenses in accordance with the German Federal Travel Expenses Act (BRKG), which are required to attend seminars, coaching sessions or similar.

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from operators of small and medium-sized galleries who:

  • are currently based in Germany,
  • have been (co-)managing the gallery on a full-time basis for at least two years and
  • are engaged in the professional mediation of contemporary visual art on their premises through regularly changing, publicly accessible exhibitions and accompanying publication activities (e.g. catalogues, public relations, social media, etc.).

We explicitly invite all interested parties to submit an application – regardless of cultural and social background, gender, skin colour, physical and mental disabilities, age, religious affiliation, language, ideology and sexual orientation. Applications will be evaluated solely on the basis of professional merit.

Specific Goals

In addition to participation in international fairs and similar events, there are other measures that serve to build and expand international networks, to increase the visibility on the international market as well as professionalisation and qualification. For this reason, Kreativ-Transfer also supports strategic projects that pursue the goals of the funding programme and focus accordingly on the following aspects:

  • Establishing and expanding the international network of the represented gallery and/or
  • Improving the international marketing of the represented gallery's work and/or
  • Training and professionalisation in the areas of international networking, (digital) distribution, international communication, marketing, and acquisition.

Amount of the maximum funding

A maximum of 2,000.00 euros can be requested. The jury will decide on the amount of funding to be allocated. Funding will be awarded in the form of a lump sum grant. No own funds or any third-party funds need to be contributed.


Proof & Documents

  • Information about the applicant
  • Brief description of the strategic project (max. 2,000 characters incl. spaces)
  • Budget/funding plan (KFP) - please use the template
  • A brief presentation of the gallery
  • Official proof of current place of business
  • Proof of operation for at least two years
  • Proof of the professional mediation activity of contemporary visual art by the gallery

Funding Period

11 March 2024 - 31 December 2024


Application Deadline

18 January 2024 (23.59 CET)

Note on Barriers

Although Kreativ-Transfer is continuously striving to reduce barriers, the application process is unfortunately still subject to certain barriers. If you are affected, please get in touch with us or ask a person you trust to do so on your behalf and let us know what you need. After discussing your needs, we will be happy to try to arrange assistance, for example by providing support by a sign language interpreter.

We also aim to provide professional support to make the application and selection process more inclusive and to reduce barriers for all calls for applications.

Detailed Information

The complete call for applications with further information can be found here.